After powerloss My nextcloud delete my files without reason

Hello team,

I try to recovery several files that my nextcloud (client) delete from my account. The issue was because a powerloss my server shutdown, but after the power was recovered the server is configured to autostart, but this is connected to a NAS server that take a lot of time to start (NAS take more time than the nextcloud server), then at do not connect with the NFS and start nextcloud, the client didn’t see the directories and delete it from my account. I stop my nextcloud client, but at least i want to recovery the critical files. Nextcloud client have some “trashcan”?

As far as I understand, this is a configuration error. As an admin, you are responsible for arranging the order of the services to be started (web server in this case) so that they are not started if the underlying file system (nas) is not mounted and available. So the statement “with no reason” is simply wrong.

The client does not have a trashbin afaik. But is your data not available on the NAS or is it wiped there after it was wiped on your client?

Then you should take your last backup.

Just my 2 cents.

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I don’t know how you do to response over specific points, but; anyway, is my home server, yes for sure, is my issue the start order betweeen the server and the NAS, but the question is over the client. Due a several requests of kind “DELETE” the server can’t do it.

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Then the issue was only in the client. My question is “Why not wait for a user confirmation when nextcloud will delete several files” (at least Microsoft OneDrive do).

I disconected totally the Nextcloud CLient to avoid these several deletes in the server, and my next task is identify the files (in the client) that was deleted (i had some files opened)

but I want to identify some log that marked these to delete. At least to check if i had a current backup or wait for the nextcloud version.

My point is, nextcloud should not delete all files (when have a lot of files) in the local without a user confirmation before, or at least do as Microsoft OneDrive, move to one “trashcan” to permit recovery the files in some cases.