After Owncloud to Nextcloud migration multiple file integrity check errors

Currently using owncloud 10.0.4.

Used the automatic updater to migrate to NextCloud 12.0.12. The migration completed and I was able to log in but the file integrity check failed for almost every file. Its too big to post in this message but a copy can be seen here: dropbox link to file integrity_check.txt

Did I do something wrong?

Off to try a manual update.

Thanks for your help.


If you haven’t done it yet, do a backup again.

It looks like the new files have been copied but some old files are remaining in the folders. I don’t know why, but the migration tool should handle this correctly @jospoortvliet

Now you have two options:

  • as there are additional files, you can just go through the list and delete them
  • (after a backup!!!): you delete the code (delete everything except the data and config folder in your nextcloud folder, e.g. /var/www/nextcloud), and then get the new code from the archive of Nc 12.0.12:

After that you probably need to fix the permissions of the files, and you probably need to install the apps you are using again.

Thank you for the prompt reply - very much appreciated.

Yeah I figured I could delete the files but like you I felt the migration script should have handled this.

To be sure of a good migration I am taking plenty of snapshots (using VMware)

So I have just reverted to a previous snapshot to undo the migration.

Performed a manual upgrade:

Remove everything except data and config.
Rename owncloud directory to owncloud-old
mkdir owncloud
download and extract 12.0.12 to directory owncloud
remove config directory from owncloud
copy data and config from owncloud-old to owncloud
set permissions
ran upgrade using occ

That successfully upgraded without errors.

Then did the automatic upgrade to 13.x but did not see the update to 14.x

Tried it manually and strangely it did not work:

Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.

I think perhaps because there are some settings hanging around from owncloud. e.g. Owncloud version still in config.php. Removed that and had another go.

Upgraded this time without errors but when I logged in it was listing all sorts of integrity errors even with data files.

Reverted back to the owncloud snapshot which is where I will stay with that server for the moment.

Useful exercise though as it proves potentially it can be done but perhaps needs some more manual checking.

Now I will build a Nextcloud server from scratch so I can see 14.x in operation and give it a proper test. In particular want to see if I can get Collabora working.

I think it is a good idea to test a NC 14 setup separately before migrating everything. For automatic updates, NC 14 is not yet on the stable branch, I don’t know the timeline. From the feedback here on the forum, I had the impression that the NC 14 update was less reliable than the last updates.

@tflidd I installed a 14.0.3, and on the stable branch, got the 14.0.4 push as an update? Or is this not what you meant?

No, it is when you still use NC 13, you might not yet be upgraded to NC 14 yet. From 14.0.3 to 14.0.4 it should work. However, when an update was just released, it can take a bit of time that the download servers are not suffering.

Thanks everyone. I have done a fresh install of the latest version and so far it looks good. Will try a Collabora install next - will be interesting to see how this works.