After NC28.0.2 Update Shared Links not available

Hi everyone,

I have updated our NC instance from v21 → 28.0.2 yesterday.

In this case if have update from Ubuntu LTS 20 → 22 and php 7.4 → to 8.1 as well.

Nextcloud is running but a lot of shared links are not available anymore. It seems shared links weren’t migrated / data not accessable Unfortunatley some users gave me the feedback the links still working some not.

The standard data directory is stored on local harddrive /data with limit of 200MB, but everything which is shared is stored on S3. The only difference between links which are working and not:

Links working → S3
Links not working → AWS S3

I checked the bug of looping with the shared link, which isnt a problem for me because we have activated the option “Allow users oh this server to send shares to other servers(this option also allows WebDac access to public shares)”.

I’m completly confused atm. Any feedback is welcome.
Thank you

I’ve experienced similar (but in different situation): I’d lost the shares to files which were coming from an external storage. The external storage became unavailable while the NC was running - this led to vanishing these entries from “oc_share-table”. I had to make a restore.

Can you still see your missing shares within this table?

Hi, thank you for your feedback. I have more than 3000k shares. Dont seems to be empty :slight_smile: any idea ?

Even the connection to the AWS S3 Buckets were working without any porblem.


hmm… is this number the same as it was before the upgrade?

Unfortunatley the number is higher after the upgrade because users were already working.
Before we started the upgrade of Ubuntu and NC were 3094 :frowning: .