After Installation on new pc the Client doesn't sync all files

We use NC 19 and i setup an new notebook (Windows 10) with NC Desktop Client from an existing user.
On old system all files are correctly synced.
But on the new PC a lot of files are missing in the local area and we get a lot off errormessage in activity Log wiht title “Connection closed (skipped due to previous error, retry in xx hours)” (Original : Verbindung beendet (übersprungen auf Grund des früheren Fehlers, erneuter Versuch in xx Stunden)).
So how to avoid these and get missing files on these local system.

F.e. i have a directory, wich has on Server and other clients 14 Files. On the new PC only 8 are synced.
Then i move on an additional PC the files outside nextcloud, wait till it was synced and bring it then again back in original, synced folder.
As result are now on the new PC with problem 12 Files synced - so still 2 missing?

Any Idea

Bye Thomas

Hello @Thomas_Bunte and welcome to the homeuserforum of NC.

Thanks for your first participation on here.

Why do you do that? Have you tried to install the client anew and start from scratch?

All in all we usually would need a bit more information about the referring softwares, servers, your environment and such since a possible bug or misconfiguration could hide everywhere.

Hi @JimmyKater,

i reinstalled it one times, but will try it again.
Usage was NC 19.0.3, Desktop Client - first try: V 3.01, second try 2.6.5
PC works with actual Windows 10 Home V 1909
The nextcloud running on an linux System with Linux 5.2.8-stretch64-190826-kbl x86_64, PHP 7.4.8 and mySQL 5.7.31

But it was espacially a problem with that new client sync. The other 5 Clients (all with desktop Sync) working without a problem.

Tnx for your help

Hi @JimmyKater,
additional Info - it seems that more or less 360 files are not synced. And the system shows me in Sync Element the information, that Connection was closed.
All Files have German special characters (Umlaute äöüß), but the DB was completly set to UTF-8_bin, so that must be normally no problem.
Also it work for a lot of other files also with that special character on that PC and for all other clients too??

which version do they run?

3 works with 3.01, two still with 2.6.5

so i suggest 2 things…

  • compare carefully the differences between the 3 machines that run 3.01 and the one causing problems. versions, installed software, firewalls etc… (maybe there are even errormessages in the log)
  • try upgrading the 2 running 2.6.5 and see what comes out.

I mean the 3 running 3.01 prove that NC seems to be configured correctly… So I think the problem could be within the one causing problems

Wich log file you mean exactly, the sync log from Desktop Client (F12), or the server logs?

why not checking both?