After install the Docker container, the Apache is yellow

the log shows,

Message: Not found.
File: /var/www/docker-aio/php/vendor/slim/slim/Slim/Middleware/RoutingMiddleware.php
Line: 76

Hi, the error in the logs is misleading and unrelated.

You simply need to wait until the initial installation is done which takes a few minutes. Then pressing the reload button should make all green.

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thank you for help. :grinning:

then wait until after hours, all containers are green and automatically get the SSL.
but the next cloud page cannot be accessed.

Can you post the output of sudo docker logs nextcloud-aio-apache here?

Waiting for Nextcloud to start...
Waiting for Nextcloud to start...
Waiting for Nextcloud to start...
Waiting for Nextcloud to start...
  "level": "info",
  "ts": 1704011142.957643,
  "msg": "using provided configuration",
  "config_file": "/tmp/Caddyfile",
  "config_adapter": ""
[Sun Dec 31 01:25:42.959135 2023] [mpm_event:notice] [pid 957:tid 140039585241928] AH00489: Apache/2.4.58 (Unix) configured -- resuming normal operations
[Sun Dec 31 01:25:42.959225 2023] [core:notice] [pid 957:tid 140039585241928] AH00094: Command line: '/usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd -D FOREGROUND'
  "level": "info",
  "ts": 1704011142.9642801,
  "msg": "failed to sufficiently increase receive buffer size (was: 208 kiB, wanted: 2048 kiB, got: 416 kiB). See for details."

stopped containers, and started again, nothing change

Hm, do you run AIO behind a reverse proxy?

Maybe that might help:

This one is also unrelated to the issue…

no. just behind my router. and ALL ports are opened. you can see, it can pass SSL test.

Can you check if you are able to open your domain from an external network, e.g. mobile lte connection?

you are right. I can use a cellphone to open the webpage with cell data.

so weird, how to fix this?

just tried, I can access it from my laptop by a VPN. but cannot work without VPN

See GitHub - nextcloud/all-in-one: The official Nextcloud installation method. Provides easy deployment and maintenance with most features included in this one Nextcloud instance. thrn

thank you for your reply.
as I understand, this local access is for no domain and uses internal IP. I’m using a public domain by external IP