After Change password

I have clint nextcloud with wö providers, 2 days ago i have changed my password, now i can not download files from nextcloud to my phone, always show me a message (server in maintenance mode).
Thanks very much.

I think this is the wrong category. Passman is an Nextcloud app to store and manage credentials, not to manage your Nextcloud account password. Maybe your best bet would be to contact your service provider (wölkli) in the first place.

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right. you should flag this thread which will inform the moderators here. they know what to do :wink:

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Thanks for the hint!

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If you are not admin of the server, you will need to contact their customer support. It is different on hosted environments (you only rent webspace and you installed Nextcloud yourself), in that case you need to take a look into your webserver logfiles (parhaps in a directory of your webspace, customer interface, …)