Advice & Suggestions on new deployment

I’ve been a NC user since early OC days, but now I am looking to deploy a different kind of scenario.
I need to build out an on-premise archive solution that will serve as an archive for aged projects on two different cloud storage services.
The requirement is a large amount of storage (around 100Tb) and also an easily searchable interface for a small number of people to browse the archive. Plus the ability to download / import project folders into NC which could be several to 100 Gb in size. Access to the platform will be infrequent, so high performance isn’t an huge requirement.

I Also need to utilize the storage and hardware already within the business, so I plan to base the storage platform on an existing TruNAS Enterprise server stack with currently around 150Tb of storage with capacity to expand.
This can present storage pools via iSCSI, S3 Object, NFS or SMB
An additional server will run nextcloud on Linux, either on bare metal or possibly on top of Proxmox VE.
Storage network would be over 10GBe.

My main query is is how to mount the storage into nextcloud.
Simplest would be present SMB/NFS as external storage, but I don’t think search indexing would work very well?
Present the storage over iSCSI to NC and mount the local ncdata directory on that. This would be a little trickier to configure but would be harder to expand the volume and would lose some of the ZFS file level optimization and replication offered by TrueNAS.

Being able to import / copy large projects into the environment is also for consideration too.

Interested to hear any suggestions or from anyone with a similar setup.


What you are looking for is
It supports everything you asked for. Good luck with it. Support is available through their documentation and forum

Thanks for the tip @just
I will try their forum also, however I suspect they will suggest using the pre-built Nextcloud package for TrueNAS which I have tried at home, but that seems to break with every update so not very confident with that.

Not sure what you mean by this. How is it breaking?
Can you compare it to Docker or some other type of Nextcloud release?

The Nextcloud package (Jail) is built by a community contributor I think and is tweaked to work on FreeBSD - the underlying OS of TrueNAS.

When there is a TrueNAS update that sometimes breaks Nextcloud. Also the Nextcloud package update now doesn’t work at all and I’m stuck on v21.
These are more platform packaging issues rather than nextcloud issues I belive. I’ve not had any issues on my Debian based nextcloud instances.

Well, if you are stuck that far back you are dealing with a serious problem in regards to how you are managing your updates. 21 was end of life over a year ago.

Gotcha. I know you can mount S3 storage from Truenas and use that as primary. See Configuring Object Storage as Primary Storage — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation