Advice on my backup plan?

Hi all,

I’ve been working on setting up a Nextcloud instance for a design team at my school. What I have to so far is Backblaze B2 (S3) as primary storage, a second local filesystem as external storage, and a MariaDB database all hosted on digital ocean.

I was planning to do the following as a backup plan.

  1. Shutdown digital ocean droplet at 4AM bi-weekly
  2. Create a snapshot of the digital ocean droplet.
  3. Keep snapshots with a fifo buffer of 1 month.

A downside to this is that in case of disaster, all the files I’ve uploaded between backups would be lost and the files will permanently take space in the object storage. But 4 days of lost work is allowable.

Restoring would be really easy. I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible, other people will be taking this over in the future and 2 clicks to restore backups is a really nice solution to have.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice to give?

Thanks :slight_smile:

for a small team absolut solid.

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