Advice on Collabora on a Nextcloud VPS via Cloudpanel

I’m setting up a VPS for the first time. currently running Nextcloud through the Cloudpanel Nextcloud template.

initially I went for Cloudpanel instead of using Docker because the idea of managing my server using an app with an easy to use GUI was appealing + it’s providing additional securoty which my VPS provider charges extra for.
but now I’m coming to think that it may not be possible to deploy Collabora Online alogside it, as Cloudpanel isn’t actually a container manager, and maybe the All-in-one Nextcloud deployed on Docker would be a better choice.

I’d appreciate an advice from those of you with more experience on if it’s possible to keep Nextcloud running on Cloudpanel and deploying Colabora Online via Docker on the same server. then connect them, even though Nextcloud is running over CP and Colalbora on Docker.

thanks for the helpers :pray:

From the link provided they are still using NC22 which is insane old so definitely not a good way too go.

nobody can tell you better what works is you hosting provider. I would ask there for support.