Advice on best way to sync multiple large folders

Hi, i’ve been using owncloud for a while and recently changed to nextcloud because i have to keep two computers in sync (remote work).
I’m using Hetzner’s storage share that is based on Nextcloud and i sync a lot of data (multiple Tb).
I started small by using one folder and then more and more and i’m now realising that i have 7 folders that are in sync now. I was about to add another one then i realised that in the end, what i want to do is sync the folder in which those 7 folders are…

So my question is: is it better to sync one very large folder or 10 smaller folders inside that big folder? In the end, the same data will be synced, my question is if syncing multiple folders is more resource demanding or not (when the number of folders increases and the size of them is quite big)…

I don’t think it would make a big difference, but to change it, you would probably have to re-sync all that data. It’s up to you if you want to tackle that or just carry on.

Hi Thanks for your answer, it does seem like it makes a difference because now instead of like 10 folders, i only have 4 and the sync operation seems to take way less time.
And yes, i had to resync everything… I just left the computers on during the weekend :slight_smile: