Adress book is not integrated?


a great mail app!

Unfortunately it is not possible to access the Nextcloud contacts / users & groups (LDAP) when writing an email?
We have email addresses stored there.

For example:
If you click on contacts in the Nextcloud line you see our useres for “Peter”.
But when you write “Peter” into the mail app at “AN” there are no suggestions for useres or groups. This would be a nice thing! Especially the groups!

Best regards

Do you have the Allow username autocompletion in share dialog option set in the admin sharing settings of Nextcloud? Having this off might explain the limited search results.

Yes, this option is activated - we use the autocompletion in TALK, FORMS, …

Since some hours we use for the mail app the “Global setting” for the connection of our local Nextcloud to our local Kopano-Mail. It work good. All users can read and wirte mails in their own nextcloud login without the data of IMAP, user-name and password.

And at first the autocompletion works! For single users AND for groups!
But it is not stable and works not all time.

Can you pinpoint under which circumstances it works or doesn’t? Does that depend on the input?

I tested the problem:
It depends on the user.
We are school with 1.000 users (teachers, pupils, parents) and groups (class 6a, 6b, …).

As admin login it works but only groups and teachers are shown (no pupils, no parents)
As teacher login or pupil login nothing is shown.

As admin-, teacher- oder pupil-login in other apps like contacts, talk, forms, share, … all useres (teachers, groups, pupils, parents) are shown without problems.

We have no restrictions here: