Administrator account locked out due to enabling 2 factor authentication

Tody I discovered the totp application and decided to turn this option on, at the moment I realised I did not setup the two factor code I pressed the logout by accident. So no complete totp setup and application enabled means not able to logon anymore even as administrator. A lot of occ trying, removing/installing/disabling I am now out of options. I already did find a lot of sugestions here all did not help me out.

What did I try.
sudo -u wwwrun php ./occ app:remove twofactor_totp
sudo -u wwwrun php ./occ app:install twofactor_totp and then remove again.
empty but not delete tables oc_twofactor_providers and oc_twofactor_totp_secrets. all without luck.
Does anybody know the right steps to remove this two factor application.
It is not installed anymore.
sudo -u wwwrun php ./occ app:list |grep two

Issue solved by restoring previous backup and start upgrade.