Administrative share

Dear Nextcloud team,
In our office we have server which divided to several virual machine.

  • at one of machine we have all files
  • at another we have nextcloud server installed.
    We want to manage files which located at server, to be visible at some users (by access control read write).
    How we can do this?

Read admin documentation or search the forum for how to host your data directory on a different server.

You can also mount as external storage.

Dear Just, Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, could not able to find any information about this at forum and manual. Any support will be highly appreciated.

What kind of storage do you use for that? SMB/Cifs, …?

Only Nextcloud or also the Nextcloud datadirectory. Check config/config.php

  'datadirectory' => '',

(post the path)

If you want to access from your Nextcloud (primary storage is your nextcloud server “datadirectory” to other servers read Configuring External Storage (GUI).

External storage maybe not the best way. Sometimes it is slow and unreliable. It is also limited. I think it is always better to use the storage provided directly by nextcloud (primary storage). Maybe you can use huge storage systems (or S3) for datadirectory. You can move datadirectory after installation. Search the web or ask here.

Dear Devnull,
Many thanks for your detailed information and support.
At the moment we are using SMB to see files at server.