Admin unshare a folder/file shared by another user?

Supposing we have a member of staff leave and they don’t transfer ownership of any of their files to someone else, how might we unshare those files?

For example, I’ve had a test user share a file then viewed that file as admin - I don’t see the option to unshare it.

Any ideas?


If it is ok for you, you can use the app Impersonate and change from admin user to the normal user and then use normal Nextcloud GUI functions. Also you can reset the user password and login with the username and password. Not really nice.

In Collaboration software it is normal that the admin (here Nextcloud admin) has got no access to users data. Everyone takes care of themselves and if a person leaves and the user is deleted, then all the data is gone. Like E-Mail. I think it’s similar with Microsoft 365. To solve some of your problems maybe use Group folders.

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That’s great, many thanks. Impersonate sounds perfect.