Admin task: reset app passwords

is it possible to reset/change/remove generated App Passwords for an user in case of abuse?
Via OCC command or direct over the database? Where these passwords are stored in DB?

thx - br, max


do you already tried this:

sudo -u www-data php occ user:resetpassword USERNAME
  Enter a new password:
  Confirm the new password:
  Successfully reset password for USERNAME

I dont know if it also will reset the app passwords but you could try it

occ Commands

DB: The passwords are stored in oc_authtoken

Workaround if it isnt working:

  1. Reset the password with occ user:resetpassword
  2. Log into the account
  3. Personal → App Password
  4. Revoke the app password


thanks for this hint - but I don’t use local user accounts.
All of my accounts are provisioned from an LDAP Directory via user_ldap app.

So this OCC Command brings me an error:
“Error while resetting password!”

Also your workarond doesn’t work in my scenario - because I couldn’t login as an
foreign user without resetting the LDAP password of them.

br max

did you have a look at this?

Yes, oc_authtoken is the right table in the DB …
That’s the way it works !

thanks for your support