Admin rights for passwords

I have a question about the Passwords app: is it possible to set ‘admin rights’ for passwords, e.g. give some users only the right to view them, and others to edit, and others to be admin and appoint admins, editors, viewers, etc?

The app does not have an “admin” functionality like this.

You can share passwords with users and decide if these users can edit them or share them.

THanks. Are Admin functions like this planned? And if not, where can we submit a feature request?

Also a question: when a password has been shared, and the original password owner deletes the password, what happens to the password for those who it has been shared to? Does it get deleted there too, or does it continue to exist?

No such feature is planned. I don’t see how these admin functions would be different from sharing a password with the given permissions.

If the owner of a shared password deletes it, it will also be deleted for everyone else.

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well there are advantages to this for organizations (like us) that use Passwords.
Example use case:

  • person A creates a bunch of passwords and shares them with team
  • person A is thus the owner and can set sharing/editing rights
  • person A leaves the company
  • now really person A wants to give the admin rights to another person (to be able to set sharing editing rights for the passwords he has shared earlier), but this currently is not possible correct? The only option now is for person A to export all the passwords, delete them all, send them to person B who is taking over from him, then person B has to reshare the passwords with all the people with whom it was previously shared

Admin rights + being able to transfer them would solve this