Admin panel - Small criticism and job offer

This is great software, very functional frontend side.

I find it a bit absurd that nextcloud does not have a simple admin panel from which to manage users, user levels, to be able to assign space based on the selected profile (free or paid) etc.

The current administrator features are of little use. In such a software, you should have full control of everything through a special admin panel created ad hoc.

A few days ago I posted a job proposal on this forum to develop an admin app (which I would then release to be accessible to all nextcloud users). I received the email from a nextcloud co-founder (at least he introduced himself) asking for 200 € / h, which is ridiculous!

The question is. What is the point of developing a software on the frontend side if you don’t have the possibility to do anything on the backend side?


Hi mrplunk,
This is a community forum rather than a contact line for Nextcloud GmbH. If your question is to them, I’d try using the contact form on their web site. That might also be a way to check whether the person is who they claim to be.
The Nextcloud admin panel does have most of the functionality you said - manage users, user levels (within their own groups, or as server admins), and assigning storage quotas. I don’t recall if the storage quota can be set with different defaults based on user groups, but the admin manual would tell you that, and you could open a feature request if it’s not there.


as @mactrent mentioned, @mrplunk - the current Admin user panel has got all those functions you’d wish … for the other ones (like user profile space assignment … & more) …

better make a feature request to propose additional functions.


I’d also like to say thanks for your willingness to contribute to Nextcloud, it’s a good thing to see more diversity in funding sources for an open source project like this.
I think the job-posting section of this forum is a little under-trafficked, so you might have better luck posting on a freelancing site instead or in addition to here and Github. Nextcloud is built on PHP so that A) it can run just about anywhere, and B) a majority of web coders probably already have the skills to contribute.


Hi guys, for first thank you for your answers. I appreciate it.

Yes, when you log into your nextcloud account, you have the admin section but the features are very poor.

To understand better what I mean, try to use wordpress (for example). Yes, you have your wordpress website but you have admin panelo, also, very complete.

With nextcloud, you have not that. And, I think is very important have a good admin panel.

I would like to clarify that mine is not a destructive criticism, but it is intended to be a constructive criticism.


Hello @mrplunk .

I do not know, if you already have logged into the nextcloud as admin user. The Settings are much more complex as the one of a normal user.

I built up 4 Nextcloud-Instances (smaller and bigger ones) and are an administrator or them and I also have 4 Wordpress installations up and running.

When I compare the admin section of Wordpress and Nextcloud, I can tell you that the Admin Panel of Nextcloud is more complex than the one of Wordpress.

For me one of the most important one next to file-sharing, importing external Storages and Synchronisation of Schedules, Tasks and Contacts is Talk, and the Configuration is really perfect.

And there is even more. I do not know if Wordpress als a API so simple and helpful as the one of Nextcloud. The CLI API is very useful. Thank you,guys for that.

The Upgrading Process has become so easy and straight forward.

And even the Support of Tablets and Smartphones with their smaller resolution is really perfect. So I think the need of a Nextcloud app for administration is really not necessary because you already have it in the GUI.

Kind Regards


Complex customizations and in-house developments are required by projects and companies that also have the corresponding budget.

It should be crystal clear that you won’t get a customized solution for 100-500€. Especially not if the quality of the service should also be right.

The fact that you discuss private offerings here publicly and evaluate them very offensively shows that we are not dealing with a serious client but with a bargain hunter.


Hi @mrplunk
Maybe the audience and the target purpose of WP and NC are (very?) different? I am using NC in rather “intranet” like scenarios with “satellites”. In parallel I am using WP in “internet” scenarios, with (completely) unknown audiences/consumers/constributors. I think the NC backend (admin-view) is pretty decent for the purpose, while WP relies (and must rely) on plug-ins to make this fit for all the purposes that might be relevant for a (internet, not intranet) site. Let’s not get too philosophical here.

Besides that, I do absolutely not think 200€/hr is ridiculous for a co-founder/architect of a well-introduced solution for an (architectural/functional) enhancement to your liking. Who else would be able to provide a better “architectural” and maybe “future-proof” solution than such a person? I have had so many “cheap” contributors (not close to the original architecure or coding teams) that have provided nothing but problems for “no money” (particularly for wordpress, even carrying “platinum partner” labels). I suggest to not judge by the price you may pay but by the value you get instead.

Hi friend, thank you for your message. No payment gateway, no way to create user level and switch the user automatically when the user pay for some monthly subscription. Yes, if you use NC privately, probably it is perfect.

But if you want to run a professional project with NC, before there are to value many things.

You are saying NC panel is more complex than wordpress. Mine was just an example to make it clear what kind of panel would be needed for NC.

Yes, you open your site and logi into as admin. On the right you click for the admin feature but they are poor.

Maybe, am I not seeing the right administration panel?

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Everyone is free to express their opinion.

You find my way of evaluating this proposal offensive. I find it offensive to evaluate me without even knowing me

Large companies also grow by working on criticism, and I repeat that mine wants to be constructive and non-destructive criticism. But if you take offense for so little …

Stop and think. Do you find this user management section really professional?
Ok, you can create user group, but you have to move users one by one to another group.

I repeat, no way to create premium package and switch automatically the users to another group automatically.

I am trying to explain you what it would take to make NC even better.

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Switching the user could be adding them to another group, e.g. from Free to Paid. Maybe this can be accomplished with Flow in settings?

hi @tanghus I don’t think you can do that with Flow

These Flow apps could be candidates for the job:

Let me reply here again for @LukasReschke and our company who got in touch with you:

We reached out to you via email after you expressed an idea of what you would like (admin panel customizations) here in the community forum. The requirements were only very vaguely outlined by you and also nothing about your company / project has been shared here or is obviously known.

Therefore, we initially asked you about the budget for the project and the exact scope - not because we wanted to annoy you with an inflated offer, but exclusively to clarify at an early stage whether the project is interesting for our company in terms of volume and scope. In response to our inquiry, you gave us rough prices and described the scope in such a way that it was clear to us that we were not the right partner for you. We gave you our usual rate for pure information (no concrete offer to you individually!) and with this reason we withdrew from interest in cooperation, because we work exclusively for projects and companies with higher volume.

We really hope that you will find what you are looking for and that you will have a partner at your side who will meet your expectations in terms of content and price.


Hi @MariusBluem of course.
You have asked which was our budget. But, I only said that there are peoples that develop it for 100€, others for 500€ and so on. Them, I asked you to send me your proposal. And, about my opinion because I know what I want to realize for the admin panel, for me 200€/h is expensive.

I don’t want to belittle anyone, it is you who do not know my budget and therefore you are defining me as a not very serious user just looking for bargains :slight_smile:

but for me, is all ok don’t worry.

In my opinion, you could alternatively go ahead and try to find another system that better suits your needs. I suppose that most of the NC users are using their system by themselves, without providing their services to third party users. And for this use case NC does a great job.
And I suppose it is exactly the strategy of NC NOT to raise a pay wall for certain features is what makes NC so successfully.
THe admin panel gives you access to anything that NC is able to do for you - so please don’t complaing about missing settings for non-existent features :wink:
Everybody is free to express his thoughts but as a few of the other posters wrote already, this forum (help…) is mainly intended to help current (or future) NC users out with their basic and advanced problems.


Hi @Alex71 thank you for your message.

Of course, I will look for other system also. As indicated in my previous message, I’m just showing some critical issues that in my opinion could improve NC, that’s all :slight_smile:


This might be something: Nextcloud | HostBill | Billing & Automation Software for WebHosts


@mrplunk “I find it a bit absurd” that you did not find the simple admin panel which can do what you ask for. It can “manage users, user levels” and assign space (but not from specified profiles).
So I cannot agree when you claim Nextcloud “don’t have the possibility to do anything on the backend side”.
I can agree though that the admin panel can be improved. It is not usable in the phone for instance. I guess the developers will welcome a list specifying more exactly what functions you propose.