Admin Overview does not work after Upgrade to 23.0.4

Hi there,

i have updated from 23.0.3 to 23.0.4

When i click on “Overview” in the administration pane (url: /index.php/settings/admin/overview) i got redirected to the nextcloud start page.

Before the upgrade the Overview section has worked.

All other menu entrys in the administation pane are working, only the “overview” is broken.

Could any one help me to resolve this?


What does the Integrity check say?

php ./occ integrity:check-core

If an error is displayed, it is possible that Nextcloud has not been successfully updated.

There is no result when i run integrity check.

If the exit code is 0, this means everything is ok with the integrity check.


$ php ./occ integrity:check-core
$ echo $?

Bad (or any value other than 0):

$ php ./occ integrity:check-core
$ echo $?

Two more ideas:

  1. Have you already deactivated all apps and tested whether the problem still occurs?
  2. Does the problem also occur in private browser mode?
$ php ./occ integrity:check-core
$ echo $?

The result is “0” which should be good.

Blockzitat 1. Does the problem also occur in private browser mode?

No! What the hell? If i log in to nextcloud via private mode (i am using Chrome Browser) the
Overview page loads fine!

If i try to open the Overview page in normal mode i got redirected to the starting page of nextcloud.

I do not understand why this happens (this what not the case ith 23.0.3)

Do you have an idea?

Thank you !

That sounds like a caching problem to me.

What happens if you call the URL with any GET parameter (e.g. ?test) by hand?

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Sometimes it is that easy.

I activated the dev tools and watching the network traffic when clicking on “overview”.
The result was, chrome tryed to load the site from cache with the result of redirecting me to the starting page.

In private mode the site was loaded “online”.

So i deleted the cache and voilá, it works now as expected.

Thank you very much for your help!

The question that remains: Why was there a redirect in the first place, which was cached?

But that will probably remain a mystery :slight_smile:

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