Admin misconception?

I am running NC 15 on a Synology NAS.
I have been the only user for a few years.

Now my wife began thinking about all the information I have stored on my NC drive (2T), and what happens when I die.
So in order to solve this I thought I would create a new user and give full admin privledges.
I created a new admin user using the occ method and did a rescan of her name.

When I logged in using her name and password, the only files that showed up are the few files that are created during the basic install.

Where did I go wrong or maybe I do not understand the concepts that her account cant see all the files in the NC data directory.


That is a misunderstanding.

The admin user has its own data folder and does not see all content of all users.


  1. Login with your user
  2. Share your relevant folder/files with your wife and you are done

An adminstrator account allows to configure and maintain a Nextcloud instance but hasn’t access to the files of a second user by default. You can
a) share all files with your wife so that she can see them instantly or
b) she can reset your password and login with your account to get access to the files.

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Thank you all for clearing it up.
I though like most systems if an admin was created they had full rights, like a “super admin” on some systems.
I will have to give her access to my account then.
Appreciate it.

You could also do it with the impersonate app
With this one she can login through the user overview to your account.

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