Admin can ´t reset password from any user


i have a question or an problem.
Under my Linix System i con not reset the password from any user. I use Firefox (last version). If i log into my windows account (same pc) i can reset the passwords (Firefox last version) Why?

Browser Log:
Missing argument $row in OC.Notification.hide() call, caller needs to be adjusted to only dismiss its own notification
Source-Map-Fehler: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data
Source-Map-Adresse:[Weitere Informationen]

many thanks


This question should be asked in the support section. This section is for the passwords app which does not manage user passwords.

When you move it there you can also add the errors logged in your browser console (F12, Tab Console) so that others actually have a chance of telling you why.

First, as i am a lazy admin :slight_smile: i alaway let the user be able to reset his password if he add his email address.

Second, it may be some caching problem with firefox … try the same with chrome, opera or edge …