Addressbooks - choosing an addressbook

NC 23.x and 21.x

I am using the addressbook to store my contacts. When I first used it, I just added them and grouped them where needed.

Then, I rediscovered that you can create different addressbooks with in the addressbook application. I discovered this while migrating from my current NC 21.x, tomy new server NC 23.x.

Great, because I did this a long time in an old installation of NC. I was able to use the separate addressbooks for my different Thunderbird profiles.

I created the new addressbooks. But, when I went to add the contact into an addressbook, I get the following error:

“An error occurred while trying to move the contact”

Why might this be?

I looked in tot eh user manual for NC, and while it mentions the idea of using address books, it does not give any details.

Thanks for any ideas.

I am still trying to select an addressbook.

No success and the error comes up when trying to modify am current contact, or making a new one.

Any ideas as to why my addressbooks are unchoosable/unusable?