Address of contacts not syncing correctly (iPhone -> Nextcloud)


For some of my contacts I have an address in my contact details and I just realized, that the sync process between my iPhone and my Nextcloud is not working properly.
When I add an address in my iPhone, than this address is not synced to Nextcloud. Other changes like some notes are synced properly.
If I add an address in Nextcloud, this address is synced properly to my iPhone.
If I edit this already synced address in my iPhone (eg street name), than the whole address is deleted in Nextcloud.

Sounds like a bug?

My configuration:
Nextcloud: 20.0.4
Contacts: 3.4.2
PHP: 7.4
iOS: 14.2

Some contact attributes (ITEM-… with custom labels etc.) of a contact created on an iPhone are most likely not following the expected CardDAV syntax and couldn’t therefore not correctly been mapped to the correct attributes which are supported by Nextcloud. The data itself is usually still kept in the Nextcloud database but not being displayed in the Nextcloud contacts app. Export a contact to a vcf file to better understand what the differences are in detail.

The search function of this forum should show you several discussions related to this kind of problem. So my recommendation is to create your contacts using the Nextcloud web gui.

Hey j-ed,

thanks for your response! As you mentioned: Exporting each contact as vcf file is a good next step. Therfore I exported the same contact once from my iPhone and once from nextcloud after adding the address which should be displayed there.
vcard version is 3.0

iPhone export (only 1 address line):

Nextcloud export (2 different address lines):

–> The line from nextcloud which starts with “ADR” seems to be the one, which is visible in nextcloud. The line which starts with “item1” is from the iPhone and seems to be not displayed by the contacts app. Also the line which starts with item1 seems to be somehow converted in nextcloud.

Well, cause there is some kind of conversion in nextcloud I am wondering why this address is not displayed but I also don’t know the specification …

Creating or editing of the contacts only in nextcloud is a possible solution, but not the most comfortable one :slight_smile:

I think there are still some open issues in the contacts app which need to be fixed, like e.g. this one:

I am still seeing this problem with contacts I edit on iOS and then synch to my nextcloud instance. Contacts 3.43 on nextcloud 20.7.

The Contacts app v3.4.3 has been published on January 4th 2021 but the fix has been merged on February 18th 2021. Do you spot the difference?

No, possibly because I still have Contacts 3.4.3. I am running stable

How do I get a copy of the latest? And if it causes me problems, can I
revert back to 3.4.3?

Due to the fact that the fix has been merged after the v3.4.3 release has been published it cannot be part of it :wink: You need to wait for the next official release or patch the app code as listed in the referenced Github merge request. Before patching a file, you should always create a backup-file to be able to revert the change.

I am using 3.5.1 on 21.0.1. I have still the issue, that addresses added on mobile iOS device and synced to nextcloud appear in one line with a lot of ;;;

There are a lot of iOS devices on market - is there no possibility to detect which Operating System or device wants to sync with the nextcloud and use the correct translation of two lines or one line?

Still not doing this correctly. I created an entry on the iPhone, exported it from NextCloud, and got:

PRODID:-//Apple Inc.//iOS 14.4.2//EN
FN:First Last
TEL;type=CELL;type=VOICE;type=pref:(307) 555-1212
item1.ADR;type=HOME;type=pref:;;1234 Street;City;STATE;87654;United States

In the Contacts web page, the address shows up as ;;1234 Street;City;STATE;87654;United States. At least it is showing up, but it is not very useful for further processing.

Contacts version 3.5.1. Nextcloud 21.0.1

Same here, had to go back to iCloud for contacts until this is sorted out. Embarrassed to say I re-entered addresses and other info way too many times before just giving up.

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