Addings an app when using the snap installed version

I installed using snap on CentOS. Problem being, the snaps are read-only. So I can’t go into the snap and add an app, or change a config param.

What is the suggested way to make these kinds of changes when using snap?


Have you tried adding apps through nextclouds webfrontend?

Adding apps with occ through the included cli-utility might also be worth a try:

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I’d love to add it from the front-end but it’s not showing up as an option in the Apps directory. Is there a plugin upload feature?

Does this work?

sudo nextcloud.occ app:install [NAME_OF_APP] 

So I researched on that snap for a while and noticed in the config there is a directory marked as writable and only that directory. It’s designated for all external apps. Once I placed it there, I am golden.

The writable path is NOT within the /snap directory instead for NextCloud is is here



So is it correct that you just would download the tar.gz and extract it into that Directory? Like this?
cd /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/extra-apps/
tar -xvzf onlyoffice.tar.gz
Do you have to restart the Nextcloud Snap or anything?