Adding user to group and user can't see all folders

Hi alltogether

I am facing an issue where I can’t determine if it’s a bug or not.

I have a group with users. There are 3 folders shared with that group. When I add my user to that group it works perfectly fine: I can see all 3 folders and access them.

When I add another user to that group, the user can only see 1 folder.

With some users it work, with some it does not.

Any idea what this could be?


PS: If this was unclear, I can provide screenshots.

Should work unless you use the encryption app which requires to reshare the folder.

No, I’m not using any encryption…

So should I report it as a bug?

Not sure if it is a bug, for most people it seems to work if not there should be much more reports like this. Can you tell us more about your server, a plain ubuntu system? Can you increase the logging in PHP (via php.ini)?

So what I did with one of the users is, I transfered all files to a tmp-user, deleted the user and recreated it with the same name and same groups, then transfered back all the personal files. Now it’s working absolutely fine. The new user can see all his personal files and the group shared files.

Some additional information:
nextCloud-Version: 12.0.1 (upgraded from ownCloud 9.something I believe, then from NC10 to 11, then to 12)
PHP: 5.6.30-0+deb8u1

I am now trying to get access to the php.ini (not sure if I’ll get it since it’s a shared server).