Adding synology storage to nexcloud

So i have a synology NAS that i access through NFS from my linux laptop.
Today i decided to install nexcloud on a linode server i have.

1 - Since my linode server has little space, is it possible at all to make it use my synology drive as storage?

2 - Will that be viable to sync my files? backup my phone etc…

3 - I saw a tutorial on how to install nextcloud into my synology NAS. But it’s the whole installation (server). I don’t need another nextcloud installation, right? I would only need some kind of client maybe?

I’m kinda lost.

Cheers and thanks

Unless you have gigabit glass fiber internet, that sounds like a bad experience.
The problem is that for every little thing it’d have to query your NAS through your internet connection, which adds latency and throttles throughput.

If you still want to go through with it you’d need to use a VPN connection, I suppose.

If you had a local nextcloud instance, you’d just mount a nas share dedicated to nextcloud on the linux machine and point the nextcloud data path at that mount point.
Here’s an older topic on that: Hosting Users' Files on NAS Drives - #3 by Reiner_Nippes

Hey! thanks for replying. Yep i gave up on the idea. I’m checking all the capability of Nextcloud to figure if i really need it or not.