Adding S3 bucket to create, read and delete files for nextcloud

I am new to nextcloud. I am trying to link nextcloud storage dir to S3. I am having diffficulties following the tutorial. Is there a step by step guide how to add next cloud storage dir to S3. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Bhavin_Thakar

Can you elaborate a bit on where you’re running into trouble?

Are you trying to use S3 via External Storage or as Primary Storage?

Also, are the following the S3 setup instructions you’re utilizing?

There are two pieces that will need to be set-up:

  • the S3 server/services (this will be specific to whatever S3 platform/implementation you’re using)
  • Nextcloud Server (this will depend on whether you want to integrate S3 into your Nextcloud instance as Primary Storage or External Storage)
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