Adding port 8443 HTTPS


I am successfully running owncloud for a few years now. I redirect port 80 to port 443 (ssl).

My problem is: My ISP blocked port 80 and 443. However port 8443 is not blocked. I have added a Listen 8443 to ports.conf. then i can access via http from the outside world. However i wish to make port 8443 also https.

Any ideas how to do this?

Thanks in advanced

Hello Again

I think i figured it out myself… Here is what i did

Added Listen 8443 to the ports.conf file

in the ssl-default.conf i modified to make it look like this:

<VirtualHost *:443 *:8443>

On a normal day, two separate protocols can not use the same port (e.g. http and https). You need to have two separate ports open if you want to reliably use both.