Adding native support for ACD Cloud Storage

This request was nixed by owncloud to add support for Amazon Cloud Drive.
While the support for S3 works great to see Nextcloud natively support ACD would be a big plus for those who are using ACD.


I would really love to see this feature. Encrypted unlimited storage seems really useful :wink:


I have this some what working with the fuse driver but being able to attach like a S3 volume would be best.
If I recall the API is all there and other companies are using it to attach to ACD. Hoping the wizards at nextcloud will slip this in soon! I wish I had the free cycles to try to code this myself but I would be happy to try testing some beta code if anyone is working on the add-on.

We are still on OwnCloud, haven’t migrated yet… If ACD support was added, I would move today!! What a great feature this would be!