Adding fonts in nextcloud onlyoffice

Nextcloud with OnlyOffice installed and works successfully but I can’t add my fonts. I tryed:

sudo -u www-data ./occ documentserver:fonts --add /usr/share/fonts/truetype/farsiweb/IRANYekan.ttf

and then when I try

sudo -u www-data ./occ documentserver:fonts

it shows IRANYekan.ttf but it does’t show IRANYekan font in onlyoffice font menu. Can anyone help me please. Thanks

Maybe this helps? Adding fonts to ONLYOFFICE Docs - ONLYOFFICE

What kind of OnlyOffice-installation do you have? (Embedded, Docker, other)

Thank you for recommendation,
I used the following command to install onlyoffice , based on this url:

sudo -u www-data ./occ app:install documentserver_community
sudo -u www-data ./occ app:install onlyoffice

and based on your recommendation I can not find at all. there is no file with similar name in my system . can I download it?