Adding external storage to NC causes 100% CPU


We’re looking to deply NC here at school, but as soon as we add one SMB/CIFS external storage, CPU usage shoots to 100% of one core.

Adding more storage adds more CPU usage.

Is there a way we can potentially tune the smbclient instance to not be so resource hungry?
between user home directories and the shared resource folders, we’ve several Tb to hang off this thing in -literally- hundreds of shares - IF we can actually make it run properly!

Currently we have a test dataset, and it’s bringing NC to it’s knees trying to (I presume) index it

There is also a report on github:

I’ve already +1’d myself on there, with a whole bunch of there people that have had the same issue for > 1 year.

I was hoping someone had found a solution and maybe forgot to update the ticket (pure optimism I know, but this one bug takes NC from “this is awesome, we’re going to roll it out” to “the users can’t access their files, it’s NFG”

From command line, there is a command for occ to listen for changes on the external storage:

Not sure if that and some caching modules can speed things up.