Adding external SMB storage does not work after update to 17

I have this weird behaviour that I can’t add new external SMB mounts. The existing SMB mounts are still working.
When I add a new one I only get a red exclamation_mark and can’t save the configuration. This is also the case when I copy the configuration of an existing mounting point.
This behaviour occurred after the upgrade to 17.01. I can’t see any relevant log information (apache, php…)

Is this a bug in 17?

This issue is described here (in german): Externer Speicher immer Rotes Schild.

Here original post:

In SMB.php after following entries:

(new DefinitionParameter('timeout', $l->t('Timeout')))      

add following entry:

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OK superb! With this solution external storage with SMB is working like a charm again!



That’s been driving me nuts for hours!

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