Adding Citrix ADC VPX to Nextcloud AIO reverse proxy github list

I created a guide for the Citrix ADC VPX \ Citrix Netscaler reverse proxy for the NextCloud AIO reverse proxy guide on github.

On the github it says to do a pull request to add additional documentation for other reverse proxies but I do not know the first thing about github.
I was wondering if someone could help me do a pull request or copy and paste my guide to a pull request on my behalf.
I love nextcloud AIO and wanted to share the love back by making a guide.
My guide url is shown below.

Hi, you can edit the file here: and create a Pull Request from there.

Thank you for the response…
gosh… the syntax here is kinda rough… how do you embed images?

Try to copy and paste or to drop a picture into the frame

Just linking the PR here: Update by esmith443 · Pull Request #2329 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: