Adding Additional HDDs with data to an existing ZFS pool for Nextcloud

Nextcloud version 27.1.1
Operating system, Debian 12
Apache 2.4.57
PHP 8.2.7

The issue you are facing:

I currently have Nextcloud set up inside Proxmox with a ZFS pool of 2x 4tb ( in mirror)

I have 2 more 4tb hdds from a WD Mirror, i would like to add to my existing ZFS pool, however i do not want to lose the 1.2tb of data already on these drives (that are already configured in a mirror setup.

Is there a way to add the WD drives to my ZFS pool and still have access to the existing data in Nextcloud?

I am new to Proxmox/Debian/Nextcloud so any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated, especially if its in laymans terms not technical. :rofl:


hi @jlogan223 welcome to the forum :handshake:

please look in ZFS forums if it is possible to add drives with data to existing ZFS pool - I don’t think so… once you managed to add the data to the underlying ZFS pool you can move it to a NC data directory and perform occ files:scan which will “import” data into NC database…

Hi @wwe thanks.i
I have put the same question on Proxmox community, in the hope to get information from both sides, but good idea to look for a ZFS specofoc forum. Thanks.
And thats good to know on how to import the data. Thanks

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