Added support for Internet Radio streams

Just a small note to say I’m chuffed that Pauli (the maintainer) of this great app has added support for importing and playing Internet Radio streams, using my UI designs.

:clap: thanks Pauli.

If anyone has some feedback on the designs - something missing, or confusing, let me know.

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Yes, I also appriciate this feature! Thanks!
I can import the pls file, but it returns an error when clicking play. The stream seems to be blocked. Using the stream URL directly works in my Browser, though.
I’m using Nextcloud v 20 and nginx as reverse proxy.
Any ideas what I need to do to get it working?


Is there any more information in the browser console (opened by pressing F12 on most browsers) when this happens? If you can share the URL of the problematic radio station, then I could take a look.

One typical reason for such problems is if you are connecting your Nextcloud via HTTPS, but the radio URL in question uses plain HTTP. By default, most modern browsers block such access. If this is the case, then you should either try to find an HTTPS URL for your station, or specifically allow the mixed content on this page from the browser settings.

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Thanks for your reply!
You are right, I’m using https. That was the problem. It works using an https stream URL.
My favourit stations do provide them :slight_smile:



Hi @Florian_Weiss I’m very glad you like the feature. All credit goes to @paulijar for agreeing to implement it. Thanks Pauli.

I’m interested to hear from other people if they have ideas on how it can be improved/expanded.