Add Watermark to PDF while download from nextcloud

Hi at all out there,

this ist my first contact to the community, because the nextcloud IT IS well documented, so it was not nessesary before.

I am administrating a few instances of nextcloud, and after years working with the nextcloud, I am really a fan of it’s functionality.

Actually I have the following problem and need an Idea to solve. I want that PDF files that where downloaded from the nextcloud will be watermarked automaticly If it is tagged with a specific tag. The Problem ist I can find a how to or anything in way to do so.

I Know that I can add watermarks in secure view in collabora or onlyoffice, but that ist only a view, there’s no possibility to add the watermark to downloaded files, it’s only for have a watermarked view on files that where downloadprotected or accessprotected.

May be there is someone out there who had a similar project in the past and could help me with this. Thank you in advanced.

P.S. I am mit a native english speaker, sorry If there are some mistakes in the Text


I don’t think that it will be possible to add a watermark before a file is downloaded at the moment, but due to the fact that the files in question are already tagged you could most likely use the flow external script app to automatically add a watermark.

Hi ! Is it possible, using this described method, to add watermark and also information like the user login in the watermark ?

I mean, are there variables that could check which user is downloading the file, and add his name to the watermark ?


All variables which are listed on the Workflow external scripts app page can be used by default: