Add shared fotos from another NC user (no Link sharing) to existing album not possible

I don’t know if my search had succinct terms or if it is a bug or just a “missing feature” but i had trouble to add fotos that have been shared by another NC user with me to an existing album i created under memories 7.1.0

NC reports “Failed to add /Freigaben/…jpg”
(see Screenshot)

0 Fotos were updated…

Copying the foto at first to a folder that is owned by me (e.g. /fotos/my-pics/DATE-TIME-PLACE) then it will be possible to add this one to the existing album.

I don’t know if this behaviour is caused by a bug or just by (maybe) a missing feature. I searched the requests / feature req on github but haven’t found something that fits my prob.

The folder “Freigaben” is the standard folder setup by nextcloud config.php for sharing files with users on the platform.

There are no logs concerning the webui message!

Thanks giving light to this :innocent:

This is a known limitation in Photos


Thanks i will keep an eye on.