Add-On installed, but not listed as available Provider

I installed “Nextcloud for Filelink 1.7” from GitHub using the installation instructions with Thunderbird 52.3.0 (Arch Linux). I also restarted Thunderbird. The only Provider for Outgoing in my list is “Box”. What am i’m doing wrong?

sure that it is activated?

Yes i’m sure that the Add-On is activated:

Add-On Version:


Available Providers:


i had problems with ghost-entries in about:config. Otherwise take a look into the developer console. Maybe you compiled wrong. Try to load the version from thunderbird add-on store.

Exact same problem here: Thunderbird 52.3.0, Nextcloud for Filelink 1.7, but NextCloud is not listed in the drop-down menu for Filelink in the preferences (same as Fortunately, I have an old ownCloud account set up, which is still functional, but I can’t add another one (the reason I’ve been trying to do this was in the first place).

What can we do to help debug this issue? Should we open an issue on the GitHub repository?