Add Nextcloud Mail as an application for mailto-links?

I have a german installation and the newly added mail-app (cool tool) prompts:

  • where will the ‘mailto-link’ be added to what?
  • i thought a mailto-link will be a link to an E-mail adress like: So what can a mailto-link to the Nextcloud mail-app mean?
  • what does the link do if You use it?
  • where can i change this setting later on?

please have mercy on me: i am new to modern programming (typed my first “10 for i=0 to 10;” in the late 70th though)

  • can i find an according documentation?
  • maybe someone gets me tuned in as a mentor or tutor so i can start and contribute (UX, tests, documentation)?

Mail link in that context just means that if you click on an link, that nextcloud mail will be used to create a mail…
…to try it out, just click on the link above…

Thank You. So this popup is produced by the browser (Firefox) that adds Nextcloud to the list of E-mail clients to choose from for dealing with a mailto:link.

Now i would expect it to open a “new mail” with the according preset ‘to:’ field.
In my installation weird things happen. A frame in a frame is opened and presents a ‘reply to:’ one of the last mails i had read.

hmmm… report issues or errors was somewhere on github. I’ll find out where. Is there a list of known issues?

ich habe ebenfalls ein Problem mit Nextcloud Mail und mailto: Wenn ich den Link benutze wechelt der Browser zwar zu Nextcloud Mail, aber der Rahmen für für den Achrichteneditor bleibt leer. Es gibt kein An: Feld und auch kein Feld für den Nachrichtentext. Hat jemand eine Lösung dafür?
Freundliche Grüße