Add more intuitive button for "go to the direct parent folder"

When I’m inside a nested folder, and I want to go back to the parent folder of where I’m standing, is there a way to create a button that says go up a level or something similar, because clicking the controls div at least for me is not intuitive.

Here’s an example of a button that does what I want… (The “Un nivel arriba” button takes you to the parent folder of where I’m standing)

So, do I get you right, that you want to modify the files app to add such a Go to parent button?

Yes, is there a way to achieve it? And specifically on the shared folder view (if it can be added on normal folder view as well it would be great!)

I asked if you want to modify the original app or add an app that tweaks the UI.

Changing the main app should be cleared and with the devs of the main app. Then you can add a PR and try to get that running. I would consider this the best option.

You could try to modify the UI with some JS magic but this is for sure brittle.

It might be possible to add entries by hooking into the JS code. This looks as if one could add entries there. But I’d suggest to talk with the authors of the app to use a stable API if possible.

Sorry, cannot say more here.

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Or, perhaps you could use the Custom CSS app to make something.

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Yes, that could work as a basis to insert some custom JS code into the site. You need however a waz to add buttons to the list. So, you have to carefully check that all required functions are ready to be used before you start a big journey.