Add menus and options to Right Click Menu App

Nextcloud version: 16.0.4
Operating system and version : Rasperian Buster on Rasp Pi 4/4gb
Apache or nginx version : nginx
PHP version : 7.3

The issue you are facing:
I’m trying to customize the right click menu on the right click menu app. On it’s homepage it mentions this:

"Simply use the RightClick object to quickly create context menus. The Files app already shows the actions menu when right clicking on files and folders. "

Yet there is no documentation on how to quickly create context menus. What and where does one locate the RightClick object? I’ve logged in as admin and select settings and search along the left column for right click menu and nothing there.

It mentions this: “Add “See this picture” option to see the picture Add “Open in the gallery app” option to open the picture in the gallery app”

How does one add this option?

Thank you!

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You will want to check on the actual app development github page, and submit any requests there.

I did some time ago, but the author didn’t respond which is why I tried here.

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