Add Jitsi Videobridge as a backend to talk


I know that there is already a Jitsi app (bot) for nextcloud. However why not make it possible to include the Jitsi videobridge project or as an optional addon app to talk, so video conferencing becomes possible for much more participants, requiring much less resources than the Talk HPB does, using the talk apps (botht the web client, the iOS and the android clients of talk)? It would even enable almost native plug-and-play addition of jibri for recording and also streaming using for example youtube as well as Jigasi for SIP devices? This would not in any way rule out full use of talk for 1-1 or collaboration between teams internally, but would only add the (sorry to say this) superior power of conferencing and scale, for big audiences, all administrated by the talk settings and by using the talk client interfaces.

so would you be up for developing this yourself?

Well it has been 15 years since I develoepd any PHP myself, so that is not a feasible solution. I MIGHT be able to contribute a tat on the WebRTC client as my JavaScript skills are keapt more up to date.

You might be able to find some compagnion if you state what you are after. What would be needed in the backend (that you seem not be able to provide)? Could you completely provide the frontend part?

If the major part of this undertaking can be done in the Frontend (e.g. no DB access is required, no big work in the backend etc), it might be feasible to publish this rather quickly from the backend perspective (see snowflakes app that was thrown out rather quickly).

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