Add IP to whitelist

I get restriction for too many attempts on login page
i try to add ip to whitelist
the format should be…

could one mention what should come after the slash / please ?
I am intending to add localhost, server IP, my home Ip
does this choice would make sens to you all?

thanks a lot for your concern

Your screenshot is from the optional suspicious_login app. It doesn’t have a whitelist.

But your tag is for the bruteforcesettings app which is where I’m assuming you’re actually trying to enter the x.x.x.x/y. The part after the slash is the IP mask.

  • = just whitelist a single IP address
  • = whitelist all IP addresses in the 192.168.1.x network

perfect @jtr
thanks heaps for your reply!
yes, the screen shot is here to illustrate our situation that we’re trying to ameliorate