Add internal second Hard disk to add more storage

Hellow. In a local NextCloud server in my home. i install ok in primary disk! and boot ok.


The problem is, in primary disk to boot an system are only 60GB, but i have a SECONDARY disk 4TB.

The question:
How to add the secondary disk (4TB) internal, to add more Storage to NextCloud local server?

Thanks a lot

There are several options to archive this

Read through this

If you need more detail on how you solve your choice we love to hear from you.

Good luck

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Thanks, but only i can do this: sudo apt install mhddfs
next step?, y plug my 4TB SSD to te computer and… now?

thanks a lot.

Hello all,

sorry to bump this up, but,… can we actually do OS and NC on one drive which lets say relative small VM drive, and actually mount big drive, or array at “/mnt/sometrivemountedhere/nextcloud-data” so all data is actually stored on that drive? And all that to follow up by changing line at config.php


‘datadirectory’ => ‘/var/www/nextcloud-data’


‘datadirectory’ => ‘/mnt/sometrivemountedhere/nextcloud-data’

Is that possible? Do we need to add store point somewhere else except at config.php? Will that be enough?

Will be nice that we can periodically backup NC with all settings but not to backup vast amount data with it?


In this case, just move the data folder to the external disk:

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Thank you for help. If i understood correctly, it can be done with fresh install without tweaking database? It will work correctly? Just to mount additional drive and point path in config.php?


Yes, you can choose the data directory directly when you access the Nextcloud web interface the first time, where you enter database details as well, then it will work OOTB. Just keep in mind that the webserver users needs to have write access.

Thank you for help