Add external storage NextCloud

I’m French and firstly I’m sorry for my English.

I would use a NextCloud Box at my home but the web speed is down/low.
So, I want set a other Nextcloud on a web hosting (hostinger, ovh,…) with external storage my home.

In firt time, i try with 2 setting on hostinger.
I add the application “external storage” but the connect is on error.

I set the url and the folder. I select “login saved in the database”

The users between the both website are same.

I just want that the nexcloud hosting like to a proxy, save in memcache file of the other home nextcloud.

Thanks you


The external storage feature does not sync files and folders. So if you access your files via web hosting on your local storage (at home), the files will always go through your residential internet connection.

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Thank you for your reply.
But files open didn’t have saved in cache ?

No, the cache works only for information on the web interface. External files are not stored locally, however there is a long lasting feature request:

This is exactly what I need.

But the connection does not work.
Between two Nextcloud server with the same user and password: what technique can I choose ?

You can’t use it because it is not implemented yet.

What you can do, use a local folder as external storage and use other sync processes (btsync or others) to keep your folder and the remote one in sync. But running own sync processes probably won’t work on web hosting.