Add existing pictures to an album

Hello there,

I’m not able to add photos from my Nextcloud instance to an existing album. I’ve just the New button and the computer file picker shows up.

I’ve got an other testing Nextcloud instance and when I click on the same button, I get a menu where I can choose if I want to add a new file or pick a file from Nextcloud.

Did I miss a configuration option?

Have a nice day.

Open the Photo app, select e.g. the Photos category so that all available photos are shown. Now select one or more photos, which should be added to the album, and a “Add to album” button will be shown on top of the list.

Thanks for your help but I would rather be able to add pictures from the album itself.

That’s the point with wishes, you don’t know if they become true one day :wink:

Please check if a feature request already exists for that function (GitHub - nextcloud/photos: 📸 Your memories under your control) and if not, feel free to create one

As I mentioned it previously, this feature already exists. I can use it on another Nextcloud instance. :sweat_smile:

You haven’t mentioned which Nextcloud version you are using. It might be possible that this issue has already been fixed in a newer one. I’ve checked it against v28.0.6

I’m using Nextcloud Hub 8 (29.0.2).

And what version are you using on your test system, is it the same?

Yep, it’s the exact same version.