Add custom (osm)-tile-server

Hello folks,

congratulation for this awesome app! I love your efforts to bring geo-data do my private cloud!

I need some help with this: I want to add a custom tile server. This server does not have the usual structure like${z}/${x}/${y}.png
but it is{z}/{x}/{y}/mapname (without extension jpg, but it is jpg)

I can’t make phonetracker to read my custom map :confused: Any ideas?

Thank you!


Well did you try to add it as a “personal tile server” in the “extra actions” tab of left sidebar? There is no restriction on the extension in the server address. It should work fine.


Thank you for your ultra fast reply. Yes, I used the “personal tile server”-option. I found out, that phonetracker can’t handle my tile-server which has no extension in the files. I was now able to rename all tiles and bring them to an osm -standard. That worked.