Add/Create Google Docs in nextcloud folders?

This might seem counter-intuitive! I am trying to wean the company off Google Drive, but it is quite a task. I am wondering is it possible to display Google Docs in Nextcloud folders? Essentially this will just be a link to opening the file.

I know there is the function to mount google drive, but I don’t think this will achieve what I am looking for.

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I’m thinking about the same. Did you find a working solution for you?

Have you tried mounting your existing Google Drive folder in Nextcloud as external storage? Are the documents accessible if mounted externally?

No, didn’t find anything and can’t think of a good solution for this.

This is for a gsuite account with multiple users across a company. I guess I could ask all employees to make the admin account the owner of their file then mount the drive for the admin. Will try that.

This worked for me as a solution in the end. Added links to google docs using the app above.

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