Add Connection Timeout Value Setting

Hello, I’ve just want to ask if I can increase the connection timeout manually ? The reason is that probably the nextcloud instance takes really long ( > 13 Seconds ) to start and therefore it is never possible to connect successfully. This takes place only after setting up an account. During adding an account the client waits much longer for an connection and this works ;-), this is for now the only way to connect successfully: remove account, create it again, connect and sync. But this is not the way a nextcloud client should work - so i guess to add a simple field in settings ( or command line option ) to set a connection timeout manually :wink:
Thx, Enrico

You mean the login takes more than 13 seconds? On what hardware are you running Nextcloud? It should be much faster, even on raspberry Pi or other ARM boards.

Well, I do not run nextcloud by myself, it’s ;-), but yes it
really takes that long, I tried in browser - after entering user /pass it
takes always more than 10 seconds until I see the content

That’s way too long. There must be a server problem, please contact the support of your provider.