Add categories "announcements", "Around the project" and "Around the forums"

IMHO it would be good to have some categories like on existing forums to have an announcement collection, discuss about the project and the new discourse based forums.

What do you think?

  • :+1: Let’s do that
  • :-1: Don’t do it

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Sounds reasonable to me. Any objections from other peoples? I also added a vote to your post, @rakekniven.

If I may be so bold as to object…

I take it, the category is meant to be the English version of “Rund um das Projekt / Rund um das Forum”, am I correct?

If so, please consider renaming it to “(Everything) about the [project|forum]” It sounds much less awkward imo :wink:


english isn’t my native language so feel free to rename my ideas.
Maybe the english natives can step in?

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I’m a native English speaker with some writing experience. I don’t exactly understand what the three categories are supposed to include though. Announcements seems fairly clear, but then it sounds like the other two categories would be something akin to “Nextcloud project announcements” and “Forum announcements”. If I understand correctly, then it seems like there would be a lot of overlap (eg what announcements about Nextcloud wouldn’t fit into the general “announcements” category?)

Maybe I’m missing something here, but if you could explain the 3 new categories a bit better, I’m sure I could help with English equivalents.

It is more like “everything related to the forum” than announcements and thus emphazising the bilateral nature of the category (questions, suggestions aso) rather than announcements which would be used as unilateral information channel from development to userbase.

Hello Bugsbane and others, please see ownCloud forums. There we have this three forums. The forums have been reorganized over the years and I spent a lot of time thinking about forum structure.
The current and latest structure worked very well the last 18 month. Please have a look there.

OK, so I took a look, and now I think I understand what you’re talking about. So basically, its:

One section for announcements from the project to the community (eg new release announcements)
One are for forum members to talk about the forum itself and how it’s run (eg adding new categories)
One section for forum members to discuss issues around the project, except for the forums

Does that sound accurate, @rakekniven?

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:checkered_flag: More than accurate

Then I would suggest, the most fitting English to be:

  • Announcements
  • Nextcloud project discussion
  • Discuss this forum

As it’s clearer than the whole “around the…” wording, which is is a bit odd. I’ve only ever really heard “around the” be used for “Around the web” or “around the world”.

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Like it :clap: @LukasReschke Now it is up to you :slight_smile: