Add card from email

I did a backend script that add cards to Deck from email.
This is happening from outside, using the API.
I think it’s a good idea to implement this into Deck app, but i don’t know exactly how to do that, or to do something else so that users can use this feature.
Opinions, suggestions?


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Check-out the Github repository of the Deck app, follow the contribution guidelines and create a pull request.

CC: @juliushaertl Can you provide some more advice please.

I was thinking of doing this, but the problem is that i wrote the code outside of the deck app (i did not modify the deck app, i made a php file that needs to be run to add a new card)
@j-ed, you know what i mean?

Since it is an external script I would prefer to have it in a separate repository. I would suggest you create one as you are the author and maintainer of the script and we can add a nice hint about it to the deck documentation and readme file. Does that make sense?

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Sounds great!

Sounds like something i really need :slight_smile:

Where can i find it?

There has been some progress here:

I modified the work from
providing a python based in docker deployed version, with some new features
Try it if you want!
here the links
[](https://docker hub)